Dubai! the desert experience

Dubai! the desert experience

The first time I ever heard the name, or the term, Dubai was in the late 1990s with the proliferation of used imports of motor vehicles from Dubai

that were commonly known as "Dubai". Little did I know that there is more to Dubai than the used vehicles.

"sentimental months: August and September"

Usually, August and September are my favourite months to treat myself with experiencing new places through travels/trips/excursions for the simple reason that they hold sentimental value to my life: August is my birthday month, professional-wise both August and September hold great milestones, I took my first ever (maiden) flight in September, I survived my first fatal automobile accident in September (second survival in August, a few years later and in a foreign country) among many others...


I decided to visit Dubai, UAE, in the August of 2014 for a two-week adventure. I settled on Ethiopian Airlines (this was my first time to fly on the Dreamliner: Addis to Dubai). The experience was not smooth especially as we descended and landed in Dubai: five episodes of drifts (this triggered my decision to end my relationship with the airline once I was back home).


"stress-free transportation"

All said and done, we finally landed and everyone including the flight crew cheered in relief. Transportation both by bus and rail was efficient and that time one needed a swipe card to use both for rail and bus. There was a catch though: one was supposed to swipe the card immediately after boarding the bus as well as almost alighting in the stop that followed, failure to which penalties on the card were incurred.The bus stops were well announced as well as cleared displayed on the LCD Screen. Being a novice in travel I had not known to take advantage of the courtesy buses provided by hotels at the airport.

Dubai Rail Network

"Attractions Complex"

The first tour of Dubai was at the Dubai Mall Complex and the surrounding attractions like Burj Khalifa, The Aquarium, The Dancing Fountain among others.

Dubai Mall: Burj Khalifa display model
Burj Khalifa


Of particular interest was the Rainforest Cafe, which had the theme of the typical forest and sounds of animals as one enjoyed the delicious meals - actually I did celebrate my birthday here towards the end of August. It was a fruitful experience indeed.

Rainforest Cafe

I later proceeded to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall and the iconic Travels of Ibn Battuta as depicted in the Mall. At one time I realised I am "lost" in the journeys after I took a coffee break - found myself circling. To get the best out of it one needs enough time to complete the whole complex.

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall

I went for some shopping spree at Deira City, a beautiful part of Dubai where I also did a magnificent boat ride.

Deira City


Dubai Horizon

"there is always a next time"

in conclusion, Dubai was really magical and it did not disappoint. Given another chance I would gladly embrace the opportunity and engage more activities like desert safari, sand boarding etc which I didn't do.

Good Bye Dubai

Thank You Dubai till next time.