Notes From The World

~ the place to be ~

What to Expect

The Notes From The World holds in place various experiences from simple local excursions and road trips to great fully dedicated holidays both local and international.

The Catch

I expect you to have an open mind to help you explore Notes From The World, which comprises lots of hidden pearls for one to discover.
It is my hope that you have a fufilling experience in Notes From The World that does not require you to have a travel document or a gps gadget: just immerse yourself in the world until you have had your fill.
In addition, do not hesitate to drop me a line both constructive criticism or correction to make Notes From The World a better place.
Once in a while renovations may be necessary to help improve this Notes From The World; kindly bear with the workers as they renovate and as you explore: call it a mutual relationship for a better world.
Finally, talking of renovations, it is worth noting that some renovations may have a disastrous effect as happened sometimes back and I lost some of valuable photos for a few excursions. Kindly bear with me as experience is the best teacher when it comes to matters of technological renovations.
Welcome once more and it is my pleasure to have you onboard.
Notes From The World
~ the place to be ~